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This is a site for the Firefly fan; a guide to the best in the ‘verse.  Some news, some blogging, some reviews of cool Firefly and Serenity collectibles….Firefly fanfic, images and photos, and my very own Firefly and Serenity jewelry store.  You’ll find it all here waiting for you.  I always bring you the very best info; I’ll leave the violence up to Mal and crew!

Mal fan?  Nathan Fillion fan?  Kindred spirits gather ’round, and check out my Mal essays, the Mal CD, the Nathan Fillion fan page and updates on all of Nathan’s projects.  There’s also Mal fanfic to be found here….and not the creepy kind.  We love our captain. But not too much.  Okay, maybe too much.  Whatever.

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Firefly and Serenity Still Flying

I have to say I’m heartened by how much there still is to keep up on in the world of Firefly and Serenity. There is a collector’s edition of Serenity coming out of DVD, Universal is airing Firefly on their HD channel, and more really cool Serenity merchandise comes out all the time.

A browncoat astronaut recently delivered Firefly and Serenity to the International Space Station, where the crew is reportedly getting hooked on the show. Charity screenings of Serenity across the country were a success. A new Serenity comic book series called Better Days is coming out this year. There are three Serenity conventions in the US alone.

So……we still seem to be flying, Browncoats. We’ll hold 🙂

Guides to Official Firefly and Serenity Merchandise

Photos, descriptions, reviews, and buying tips for the various official Serenity and Firefly items. This non-commercial guide catalogs and reviews what’s available in the way of official Serenity merchandise from a fan perspective. Includes a page showing the various items (hats, press kits, movie posters, etc.) that have been produced to promote the movie Serenity.

Nathan Fillion Fan Page

A relatively new addition, this page is still being updated. I’ve just added information on all three of Nathan’s current projects, Drive (on Fox TV), Waitress (romantic comedy/drama), and White Noise: The Light (horror).

This page also contains photos and information about many of Nathan’s past roles, written for fans by a fan. I also have longer, fan-biased reviews of Drive and White Noise: The Light posted now, with Waitress coming soon.

DVD Cover Art and Image Gallery

Image Gallery. This was started to host high resolution alternate Serenity DVD cover art designs created by fans. The image gallery now also contains wallpapers, avatars, fan art, and pictures of our BDHs. I’m a Nathan Fillion/Mal fan(atic), so you’ll find quite an ample selection of Mal pics!

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