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Firefly Fanfiction

Written By: Jetflair

Mal and Crew

Welcome to my Firefly/Serenity fanfic collection! I have a number of stories on here, which you can navigate through using the menu on your right. Here’s an overview of each:

  • The Losing Side: A work in progress, this is my “main” story. This is the tale of Mal’s experiences directly after the war, up to the point of his purchase of Serenity…that long gap never filled in by the series. Wash and Zoe are an important part of the story as well. It begins with Mal in an Alliance internment camp at the end of the war, where he meets Wash for the first time.
  • Dream Sequence: A 15-chapter completed story about a heist gone bad, featuring the whole crew. Mal, Wash, and Jayne are captured and sentenced to death when a heist goes bad, the rest of the crew must come to their rescue. Based on a vivid dream I had about watching a screening of Firefly’s return to TV.
  • Saved You in the War: 3 chapters (2 written so far), based on the line in War Stories. Mal and Zoe hone their Big Damn Hero skills saving each other in the war. This is a three-part story inspired by the line in War Stories. It was originally going to be part of my extraordinarily long POW story The Losing Side (as a flashback), but in an effort to focus that tale a little bit I decided to take it out and post it seperately. It only ties into TLS in a very limited way – this was originally going to be a story Mal told Wash, but it didn’t work too well that way. It does explain why Mal had that nerve cluster moved in his back, too.
  • Stowaway: A Firefly/Andromeda crossover – Harper from Andromeda stows away on Serenity. In progress. Since this is basically a Firefly story that involves a character from Andromeda, you really don’t need to have watched Andromeda to enjoy it.
  • Shelter From the Storm: Mal comforts Kaylee after the events in Objects in Space.
  • Rich and Fancible: Jayne shocks the crew when he breaks the news that he’s now the proud owner of an entire planet. A lighthearted little one-piecer that might develop into something more….or not.
  • Last Stand: Mal remembers his own Alamo. One chapter short story.


  1. wytchcroft says:

    And still the best fan fiction in the gorram verse –
    i would download your stuff in a heart beat:)

  2. Comatose says:

    Youve officially been stalked, ha! Lucky we dont brand you for disappearing on us! 😉

  3. Leuchtkaefer says:

    Gosh, I’m glad you’re back.
    You got me a bit worried. 😉

  4. darlingchaos says:

    I would absolutely DIE to see this in published format on a shelf somewhere. This is better than half the things published today. You’ve taken a basis in a show, but made it into something ABSOLUTELY your own, and absolutely SPECTACULAR, complex, and breathtaking.


  5. Kat says:

    I would want to read these but am turned off by all the random letters disrupting the words. (Probably there because of faulty copy and paste?)